The Melting Pot of Colorado Springs

Large Party Menu Fondue Excursion

The Fondue Excursion is a four or five-course dinner. Please choose cheese fondue, salad, entrée (Seaside Vacation, Jubilee, Mountain Top Getaway or Elfin Forrest) and chocolate fondue. The added fifth course is shrimp cocktail. The Fondue Excursion is $40 per person for four courses (Seaside Vacation, Jubilee and Mountain Top Getaway) and $35 for the Elfin Forrest.

Add $10 per person for shrimp cocktail.

We have a wonderful assortment of wines, beers, spirits, sodas, coffee, teas and hot cocoa.

In order to accommodate your party please pre-order no later than one week before your reservation.

If you have any questions please call  Matt Tonge, Colby Ross or Tracy and Steve Carlson at The Melting Pot of Colorado Springs.

Phone: 719-385-0300
Fax: 719-385-.0301

30-A East Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Thank you for choosing The Melting Pot for your celebration!