The Melting Pot of Durham


Shocking Truth About Your Child's Report Card

July 1st-31st 2014
It has been proven by our owner, numerous times, that not everyone can get straight A's. Unlock the hidden potential in your child by rewarding their IMPROVEMENT in school with a meal at the Durham Melting Pot. This offer is FREE, no questions asked. No additional purchase required.

Top 6 Reasons To Eat Lunch With Us...

Every Saturday and Sunday Beginning At Noon
Not that you need a reason to enjoy the Melting Pot, but we have given you our top six!!

Make Her Feel Like A Million Dollars

If you are serious about that special someone in your life, don't spend another second deciding on where to take her. Our Lover's Lane package is time tested and the simple but powerful way to say "I love you".

Top Cocktail Competition-Vote for your favorite!

NOW-July 31
In the spirit of popular reality competitions, five hot cocktails are competing in Top Cocktail, the ultimate beverage showdown at The Melting Pot now – July 31. The Top Cocktail competitors are limited-edition, handcrafted drinks with personality and with your vote on a favorite you could win a $250 gift card to The Melting Pot along with other prizes.

What You Should Know

You'll wonder why you only eat fondue twice per year. Experience the thrill of these limited time, money saving offers.

Instant Results for your home!

Spice up your dishes with our Garlic and Wine Seasoning, Raspberry Black Walnut Vinaigrette, House Dressing and Teriyaki Glaze. Indulge in our milk, white or dark chocolate fondue wafers. Perfect for the fondue fans in your life and a wonderful gift for all those special people in your life. And for the serious fondue master, we offer The Melting Pot cookbook.