The Melting Pot of Durham

Welcome to the Durham Melting Pot

I still remember the night in 2002 when my wife announced we were going to be eating fondue at a place called the Melting Pot. My family had never done fondue as I was growing up and I have to admit I was very skeptical of the plan that evening. In fact, I suggested several other restaurants as we drove to the Melting Pot for the first time. I had no idea that a few hours later I would proclaim " I love the Melting Pot". The Melting Pot quickly became our favorite restaurant in Tucson and during my wife's birthday celebration in June of 2005 we learned that the Melting Pot was a franchise. Ten months later, with my wife pregnant with twins, we hit the road in our moving truck and headed East to open the Durham location. 

If you are reading this and have never been to the Melting Pot I guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience at our restaurant. If your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife is skeptical of fondue tell them my story. The food we serve is delicious but the Melting Pot is really about enjoying time with family, friends or that special person in your life. Our four course dining experience includes cooking your food at the table and will last about two hours. I know you are thinking that two hours seems long, but let me assure you that the time will fly by. If you don't have two hours for dinner you can always enjoy a three course meal or simply a cheese and chocolate fondue before or after a movie. 

As you explore the website you are bound to take a look at our menu. First let me say that we also have a gluten-free menu and can handle most food allergy issues. Second, you are allowed and encouraged to make changes to any item on the menu and there is never a risk involved in any decision you make at our restaurant. If you select anything on our menu, drinks and wine included, and you are not thrilled with your selection we will replace that item with something that better suits your taste. Finally, don't be alarmed if after reading the menu you still have questions. Questions are a part of the fondue experience and we expect you to ask plenty. Your server will walk you through each course and make sure you are comfortable throughout your experience.

If you have any questions please call the restaurant at 919-544-6358. If you experience any issues during your evening with us, please ask to speak to me or our manager Chris Keys. I can also be reached on my personal cell phone at 919-810-8410.


Dan Richardson

Owner, Durham Melting Pot