The Melting Pot of Indianapolis


Best Fondue Friends Forever (Spa Night)

April 21st
Enjoy a special BFFF menu including creamy cheese fondue, crisp salad, delectable chocolate fondue, mouthwatering martinis and fine wines. During your meal you get to enjoy the Vendor room where you get the opportunity to take advantage of a massage or get your nails done and visit with all the best vendors in home parties around town!

The Straight A's Club

We know you study hard and we want you to know your hard work paid off. Bring in your report card with all A's (A+, A and A- all count) and you will be rewarded with a free Straight A's Club Fondue Dinner**. READ MORE for Details

Join Club Fondue

Join Club Fondue for exclusive offers

Gluten Free

We take the guess work out of dining for people with gluten sensitivities, food allergies and celiac disease. Please let us know upon making your reservation of any food allergies and sensitivities.

Get Social!

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