Baton Rouge, LA Party and Event Venue

Baton Rouge, LA

Find friends for some fondue tonight in Baton Rouge.

Incredible food is one quick invitation away from our group-friendly fine-dining restaurant, The Melting Pot.

Escape the harsh southern sun for a cooler, slower setting. Once they enter The Melting Pot, diners get to step out of their stress. Our restaurant is inviting, friendly, approachable, and cordial—and with these elements in play, groups have the perfect atmosphere for any event. Anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, or graduations: turn our interactive restaurant experience into your ideal party venue. Thanks to our flexible and user-friendly menu, diners can mix, match, and modify the flavors they see on their plate. Create your night and control the direction your event takes with a completely customizable menu.

Get a head start planning your event by calling us at 225-928-5677.


Large Party Menu