Friends Dine the Melting Pot Naperville Illinois

Naperville, IL

Create a New Dinner Tradition with Your Friends and Family

Welcome to The Melting Pot, a place where couples can indulge, and long-lost friends can reunite.

Extend an invite to loved ones, or feel inspired to reach out to neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances. Even though you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy our gourmet fondue, a good group of people sure helps make the mood right around the dinner table. Plan anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, or special weekends with The Melting Pot as the finishing touch to your night. We provide an excellent event and party venue. Our restaurant offers an inviting atmosphere with approachable, professional, and attentive staff. Combine this with our customizable dips, fondues, and entrées, and you have a recipe for success.

Get a head start planning your event by calling us at 630-717-8301