Friends Enjoying Fondue at The Melting Pot

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Give the gift of fondue!

If you're looking for gift ideas, show some Melting Pot love by giving the gift of fondue. Everyone loves receiving a gift card and our other fun fondue products!

Shop The Melting Pot online and find your next fondue gift. Most of our gifts are also available at a location near you.

The Melting Pot Gift Card

The Melting Pot Gift Card

Fondue is always in good taste! Whether it's to congratulate the happy couple, to celebrate a milestone birthday, or just as an unexpected thank you gift, a Melting Pot gift card is always perfect for any occasion.

Mule Mugs

Red Mule mugs on table

A Moscow Mule wouldn't be complete without The Melting Pot Mule Mug.

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Bobby Bear

Booby Bear on the table

Enjoy a hug from our soft stuffed teddy bear with a Melting Pot bow.

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Chocolate Wafers

Milk Chocolate Wafers Piled on Table

Dip your favorite treats into piping hot chocolate or drizzle it on cakes and desserts.

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Cookbook & More!

Display of Fondue Pack

Like our Cookbook and Garlic & Wine Seasoning, see the ways to take The Melting Pot home wth you!

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