Fondue Fans & Grill Masters Unite!

We’ve added tabletop grilling to our signature fondue experience, so you can dip and sizzle exactly how you like.

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Gatlinburg, TN

Making Memories... Dip by dip...

Get away from the everyday

With a much needed ladies night!

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Fondue and friends come together at The Melting Pot in Gatlinburg to make for an unbeatable dinner experience.

Looking for the best place to eat in Gatlinburg? There may be several places to choose for your next meal in Gatlinburg, but no other place can compare to the unique interactive dining that you will find at The Melting Pot. We make the perfect dinner destination after a fun day of exploring everything the city has to offer. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a fantastic meal with your friends or special someone in our casual and fun environment.

Located right in the heart of Gatlinburg, we offer a fine dining adventure you can’t find anywhere else. Your meal begins with gourmet cheese blended and seasoned tableside by our friendly staff and continues with freshly made salad. Your main course contains delicious meat and veggies, but save room for dessert because we have several chocolate fondues to choose, all of which will send you home with a smile!

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