Palm Beach Gardens Florida Party and Event Venue

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Get adventurous with our amazing ingredients and tasty entrées.

Inviting and fun for everyone, The Melting Pot is a favorite in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Put some pride in your stride when you enter The Melting Pot. Whether you're hand-in-hand with your little ones or finishing a night on the town with your one-and-only, our restaurant offers delicious food that anyone will love and interactive fun as you eat—a combination that makes us very unique. We can't wait to see how your party will jazz up their selections, because our menu was created for customization. Mix dips or test ingredients to create your perfect dinner. Additionally, diners don't need special occasions for a visit. Use our spot for celebrations like birthdays and graduations, or choose spur-of-the-moment opportunities to show your loved ones what they mean to you.

Get a head start planning your event by calling Stephanie Barnes, Assistant Manager & Party Coordinator 561-624-0020 , or simply click below to view our Large Party Menu.

Large Party Menu