Award-Winning Cheese Fondue

Our creamy cheese fondues come with fresh vegetables, bread and apples for dipping.

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Decadent Chocolate Fondue

Let your cares melt away with our delicious chocolate fondues.

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Mouthwatering Entrées

With Savory Sauces For Dipping

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Memorable Group Events

Fondue is perfect for your next group event. Click on "Create Your Night" for more info.

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Bring your friends and family to The Melting Pot, where you can enjoy fine dining and fondue creations.

Make The Melting Pot in San Antonio, Texas, your next dining destination when you crave something special. You can find delicious fondue creations to match any taste on our menu, whether you want to join us for a quick mix of drinks and cheese fondue after an evening enjoying San Antonio or you have no other plans than joining us for four courses. You’re in for a treat thanks to the art of fondue.

Grab your skewers and get to dipping! We offer several blends of artisan cheeses seasoned and mixed at your table, and we also provide you with your choice of cooking style and broth for your steak, chicken, and seafood entrée. The chocolate fondue options we have are the perfect way to end any meal, so you can always end on a sweet note.

Save a seat at The Melting Pot tonight and make some memories with your friends.