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Bethlehem, PA

Catering to All Size Parties

The Melting Pot has your table set. You bring your friends and we’ll bring the fondue.

The Melting Pot has been known for decades as being a one of a kind, unforgettable, interactive dining experience.  And, we at The Melting Pot have been honored to celebrate your milestones right along with you, and your loved ones!  We take pride in offering the perfect night out, whether it be a birthday; a graduation, an anniversary, a date night, a bridal event, or a corporate matter the reason we are here to help.

See the additions we have customized to add and take some of the experience home with you, we think we got you covered, but if you need something unique and personalized let us know and we will get to work to make it a real-life dream of a dining experience!

Book your table tonight by calling us at 484-241-4939 or simply click below to print our Large Party Brochure.

Large Party Brochure