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Fort Myers

Reserve a table tonight for groups of any size.

The perfect event venue with a variety of tasty treats for any picky party goer.

Very few restaurants allow diners to manage what goes into their meals, but The Melting Pot in Fort Myers decided to go against the grain. Customize entrées, appetizers, dips and fondues to create your night the right way. Select everything from signature salad dressings and particular cooking styles to special dip blends and local seasonings or spices. Most importantly, invite the people you hold dear. Fun dinners are nothing without company, and any size party will do. From intimate evenings between you and a new date to large family gatherings following an event, The Melting Pot is your ideal party venue in Fort Myers, Florida.

Get a head start planning your event by calling us at 239-481-1717.  (All of the menu options below are for parties of 15 or more.)

Large Party Menu

Book the Ultimate 5-Course Experience

From irresistible cheese fondue served with NEW! Double Dippers and shimmering craft cocktails to our Chocolate Explosion Fondue that arrives in a spectacle of fire and sparkles.

The NEW! Ultimate 5-Course Experience will amaze you and everyone in your party with every mouthwatering bite. Please call to learn more and pre-order this option when booking for your large group.

Ultimate 5-Course Experience Menu