Welcome to The Melting Pot of Grand Rapids, a fine-dining restaurant that isn’t afraid to call itself casual.

We break the ice for you when we turn up our burners. Reconnect and grow closer over steaming fondue at The Melting Pot of Grand Rapids. Located in Celebration Village on the corner of E Beltline and Knapp Streets, we’re a fine-dining establishment that hasn’t lost its family-friendly finesse. Our relaxing atmosphere is achieved through our approachable staff, and diners come back again and again because we offer scrumptious delights for their taste buds. Have a fondue or two—one cheese and one chocolate—or indulge in the full 4-Course Experience. Host a girl’s night out, or impress your date with a booth on our secluded Lovers’ Lane. Romantic dining reaches its pinnacle here, and events of any kind get the special treatment as well. The best part is that you don’t need a specific reason. We’re ideal for spontaneous weekday dinners.

Make your reservations and make new memories with family and friends.