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    Daily 4pm - 8pm

    Say "Hello" To Melting Pot To-Go

    For the first-time ever, Melting Pot is now offering our fondue experience for curbside take-out. If you are not ready to dine in, take home an offering of Cheese, Salad & Chocolate, sold as a-la-carte or as a 3-courses combo for $26 per person.

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    All Four Courses Are Vegan Friendly!

    Vegan Friendly

    We have added Vegan Cheese and Chocolate so Vegans can now enjoy all four courses!

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    Certified Gluten Free Restaurant

    Gluten Free Dining

    Enjoy the full fondue experience Gluten Free! We offer all of our courses Gluten Free including Gluten Free bread, and dessert dippers. Please view our Gluten Free menu or call the restaurant with any specific questions.