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Always share the last strawberry.

Always order fondue in whichever order you want.

Always give your fondue fork time to cool off between dips.

Always let ladies dip first. It's only polite.

Always bring as many friends as possible.

Always experiment with new fondue combinations.

Always keep napkins away from the burners.

Always remember which fondue fork is yours.

Always order exactly as much fondue as you want.

Always feel free to get two cheese courses.

Never knock other fondue forks out of the way.

Never double dip unless you ask first.

Never wage fondue fork wars.

Never dip with your fingers. Those pots are hot!

Never lick the fondue pot, no matter how tempting it is.

Never eat directly off the fondue fork.

Never forget your food in the pot.

Never pour the contents of the pot onto your plate.

Never cut in line when it's not your turn to dip.

Never eat with your hands. But then, you knew that already.



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Fondue 101

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