Kansas City, MO party and Event Venue

Kansas City, MO

Create your night with friends and family at The Melting Pot.

Inviting and relaxing, The Melting Pot is a restaurant that makes every meal a celebration.

Located on Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, The Melting Pot offers a close-knit environment for intimate gatherings and social spaces for large groups. Our restaurant is the perfect party venue, and our reputation speaks for itself. With a large party room that can accommodate up to 55 fondue lovers, we're renowned as the go-to restaurant for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, graduations, and more. We can even book half-room and single-table reservations for 10-30 guests.

Our restaurant is a great choice even when you don't have an event. Stop by for a spontaneous night in Kansas City, or when a case of the Mondays hits hard. Our menu allows you to create your ideal night, with customizable options like spice selection and cooking style.

Get a head start planning your event by calling us at 816-931-6358

Large Party Menu