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Miami, FL

Start a trend by customizing your flavors at The Melting Pot.

Fantastic fine dining in Miami, Florida that lends itself to great nights out

Inviting, welcoming, approachable, warm. The Melting Pot has an upscale casual vibe without losing its elegance. For friends, there’s simply nothing better than reconnecting over a pot of fondue, and making an ordinary night into something to remember is what we do best. Couples, acquaintances, coworkers, you name it. Make The Melting Pot your go-to event venue in Miami for any celebration, like anniversaries, reunions, birthdays, graduations—the options are endless. If you can’t find an occasion soon enough to warrant a visit, make an ordinary weekday special for a loved one in your life. Our menu is designed to satisfy, with customizable options and incomparable flavors.

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