Yin and Yang Chocolate Fondue

Commitment to Overcome Racial Injustice

Melting Pot has always been known as a place that welcomes our guests to gather to create lasting memories and engage with one another in a way that only fondue can make happen. With this as our foundation, we remain committed to fostering a culture consistent with our core values of Family & Belonging and Respect. While we will continue to strive to offer our guests and team members a safe haven of care, compassion, inclusion, and respect for all who enter our doors, we understand this alone is not enough. Melting Pot stands with the Black community today, tomorrow and in the days ahead. We must act from within to support and acknowledge their suffering rooted in systemic racial injustice, bias, and discrimination. Through meaningful actions beyond words, we will begin to facilitate change.

As an organization, in partnership with our independent franchise owners and operators, we are listening, learning, and implementing better practices to promote racial equality and have taken the following immediate actions:

  • ACTION 1: Formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Council at the Restaurant Support Center in Tampa, Fla. focused on education, awareness, recruitment, and advocacy for diversity and inclusion.

  • ACTION 2: Implementation of a brand-wide Diversity and Inclusion Committee aimed at education, training, and recruitment for all positions within Melting Pot’s franchise system globally.

  • ACTION 3: Commitment from the franchisor to sponsor annual scholarships for Black team members and other minorities of Melting Pot seeking higher education.

  • ACTION 4: Enhance and create broader awareness for our current domestic diversity initiative for prospective franchisees. This initiative provides Black Americans and other minorities a financial incentive to help them become a Melting Pot franchisee.