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How do you fondue?
Any way you like with 1, 2, 3 or more courses.


Chocolate Fondue

Experience the perfect fondue finale with decadent chocolate fondue creations.

*Menus vary by location. Find The Melting Pot location near you to view the local menu. 

Each chocolate fondue comes with fresh strawberries, blondies, bananas, pineapple, marshmallow treats, pound cake, and brownies.

The Original
Our original milk chocolate fondue swirled with crunchy
peanut butter.

Pure Chocolate

For the fondue purist, we offer milk, dark or white chocolate melted to decadent perfection.

Create Your Own

Feeling creative? You make the culinary call by selecting from milk, dark or white chocolate and adding Disaronno®, Baileys®, Cointreau®, Grand Marnier®, Chambord® or Tuaca®.

Flaming Turtle
We consider it fondue candy. It’s an irresistible combination of milk chocolate, caramel and candied pecans flambéed tableside.

Chocolate S'mores

The fondue version of this classic presents milk chocolate with marshmallow cream, flambéed and topped with bits of graham crackers.

Yin & Yang
This fondue satisfies dark and white chocolate cravings in an artfully balanced fondue dessert.

We also invite you to try the “location favorites” that your local Melting Pot offers!

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